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Post: "Negotiation Tactics & Conflict Resolution Strategies: A Must Do Before Any Conflict or Negotiation".

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    "A remarkable change accrued following the Consensus Building intervention we had a couple of months ago… I see higher levels of collaboration, interfaces are working smoothly, we're working more efficiently and the client's satisfaction has increased"

    CEO, Global advertising company

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    "I think all managers at our organization should take the course - over it will achieve huge organization behavior benefit"

    R & D Manager, I.B.M 

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    "It seems you've done the impossible! Skillfully navigating the situation from a crisis that might have made us lose two of our finest doctors to a solution that everybody feels happy with…"

    CEO, Major public hospital

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    "The 1:1 consulting sessions enhanced my managerial abilities and helped me both to leverage my natural abilities and taught me how to handle difficult situations."

    Pilot, 777 fleet manager

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    "TOD materials have made me a more 'Spacious' woman and help me get the promotion – V.P H.R – I long wanted"

     Ordit Mor, Large regional hospital

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    "A true master lives what he teaches. Asaf not only speaks to the danger of compromise in relationships and conflicts - he embodies that belief when he deals with you."

    Brad Boye, Boyer Communications Group

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    My professional experience has thought me not to count on Win-Win... Now I understand why, and more important than that, I got the I win approach which works so much better…"

    CEO, Global advertising company